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Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Datatronics Technology, Inc. was founded in 1985 and known as the global provider of innovative networking products. The company offers External Modem, Internal Modem, USB Modem, PCMCIA Modem, Leased Line Modem, LCD Modem, IPC Modem, ADSL Modem, Rackmount Modem, Lan Card, and Hub, i.e. to enhance personal/small business networking application performance.

Considering data storage/duplication have become the inevitable trend of modern society over the years, Datatronics has now launched its diversified product - CD/DVD Auto Duplicator to satisfy customer needs.

2F, No.7, Sec. 7, Civic Blvd.
Nangang District, Taipei 11577, Taiwan

+886 (02) 2785 6998

+886 (02) 2785 8009

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