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Nimbie Sidekick Series

Part Number Inkjet printer compatible Nimbie USB compatible


Epson inkjet printer prints on paper in auto-feed, yet it labels disc in manual-feed -- one disc at a time via manually feeding the caddie. The Nimbie Sidekick auto-feeds the caddie for automated publishing of 100 or more discs using the original Epson printer.

With no modification to the printer required, simply attach Nimbie Sidekick to the printer for automated disc publishing use. Detach the Nimbie Sidekick and it is back for paper printing use.

Support Up to 6 Nimbie Simultaneously on One PC

MultiNK50V With the MultiNK50V 6 Printers Edition Software, up to 6 Nimbie Sidekick caddy loaders can be connected to one PC. MultiNK50V can simultaneously utilize multiple caddy loaders to automate disc printing. Just in a few clicks, MultiNK50V raises disc capacity up to 600 discs when 6 caddy loaders are implemented.

More information for MultiNK50V

Non-Stop Disc Refilling with First In, First Out Operation

With the patent-pending top-feeding loader, refilling discs is as simple as adding more on top of the existing ones, making it possible to duplicate an unlimited number of discs without interrupting ongoing project. The discs will be processed in FIFO (first in and first out) order.

Time Saving Loading and Unloading Mechanism

Traditional auto-loaders use a robotic arm which moves back and forth to pick up, load and unload discs one at a time. Nimbie employs independent loader and unloader eliminating redundant arm movements, shortening the cycle time, and increasing the production.

Efficient and Economical

Many traditional all-in-one disc publishers are costly and require expensive proprietary ink cartridges. Nimbie Sidekick is the most affordable solution to automatically create 6-color, professional-looking discs and to effectively take advantage of separate cartridges to save ink cost.


Nimbie comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Please contact us for details!


  • Auto-Feed Discs for Labeling with Compatible Printers
  • Enable Automatic Burning & Labeling with Nimbie USB Series and Compatible Printers
  • Flexible Compatibility with Printers
  • Flexible Compatibility with Printers
  • Easy Installation
  • 100 Disc Capacity


  • Auto-Loader

    Separated loading and unloading mechanism, patent-pending

  • Disc Capacity

    100 discs (may vary on configuration)

  • Media

    Inkjet-printable standard 120 mm disc

  • Inkjet Printer

    Support Epson 6-color, 6-cartridge, direct-on-disc printers including:
    Artisan 50, Stylus P50, T50, T60, R280, R285, R290, EP-301, EP-302, PM-G860, L800, L801… (May vary on the local configuration of printers)

  • Ink Cartridge

    Original and compatible ink cartridge or continuous ink supply system (CISS) for the printer

  • Disc Caddie

    40x maximum for CD duplication, 20x for DVD duplication
    (Blu-ray option upon request)

  • Host PC

    PC XP/Vista/ 32-bit

  • Dimension (WxDxH)

    249 mm x 254 mm x 248 mm; 9-1/4" x 10" x 9-1/4" (NK50V)
    249 mm x 254 mm x 115 mm; 9" x 10" x 4-3/8" (NK50Y)

  • Package Size

    535 mm x 247 mm x 236 mm; 21" x 10" x 10"

  • Weight

    2.2 kg; 5 lbs (vary on configurations)

  • Power

    100-240 VAC auto-switching, 50/60 Hz

  • Certification

    CE, FCC, UL (power supply)


MSRP $695.00 See Price
MSRP $635.00 See Price
Caddy, Conversion Kit See Price
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