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Xymba USB Dual

Part Number Disc Output LightScribe Blu-ray CD/DVD
XB43 Lockable bin    


Double the Production Rate, Half the Time

With built-in dual drives, Xymba USB Dual can produce discs twice faster than regular single-drive duplicators and cut production time in half. Generally, it takes 5 hours to burn 50 discs of DVD(4.7GB), such task can easily be done in less than 3 hours with Xymba USB Dual. With 80 disc capacity, Xymba USB Dual is the smart choice for high volume disc duplication.



  • Dual drive system for double production rate.
  • Capacity up 80 discs
  • Efficient robot design with separated loader and unloader.
  • LED indicators
  • Lockable cabinet for extra security


  • Operation

    Require appropriate software running on the host computer or the embedded motherboard

  • Auto-Loader

    Separated loading and sync-unloading mechanism, patent-pending

  • Input Hopper

    80 disc capacity

  • Output Hopper

    80 disc capacity

  • Media

    Standard 120 mm disc

  • Reject Tray

    3 discs

  • Optical Disc Drive

    Two optical disc drives; industry standard 5-1/4" form factor

  • Write Speed

    40x maximum for CD-R duplication
    20x maximum for DVD+/-R duplication

  • Write CD Formats

    To be determined by the software

  • Host PC

    Microsoft™ Windows 7; Windows Vista; Windows XP Home or Professional with Service Pack 3 or later

  • Interface

    USB 2.0

  • System Display

    LED displays

  • Dimension (WxDxH)

    240mm x 450mm x 475mm

  • Package Size

    16" x 24" x 24"

  • Weight

    10.0 kg (net); 35lb (gross)

  • Power

    100-240 VAC switchable, 50/60 Hz

  • Certification

    CE, FCC, UL (power supply)


1. Xymba USB Dual XB43-LS supports LightScibe technology.

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