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Q: What is an Automatic Duplicator?
A: Automatic Duplicator uses the same basic principles like the manual type duplicator. What really makes the auto duplicator stand out is its robotic design. Unlike the manual type duplicator, where you had to manually change discs one by one, which simply is a waste of your time and money, the robotic design of the auto duplicator allows you to duplicate hundred of discs without having to spend your precious time sitting around waiting. You can set up the unit before you leave your office, and come back in the next morning with all your duplication job completed.

Q: What if I have more than one master disc that I would like to duplicate?
A: If you would like to duplicate more than one disc, you can look into our Pronto Series
[DA6292/7292] or [DA6830/7830] models. Both of these models supports HDD, and has the Multi-Copyā€¯function. This means all you need to do is to set up the unit with the discs that you need to duplicate, and the job can be done easily, without going through the hassle of changing disc after disc.

Q: What is the maximum capacity of your Duplicator?
A: Datatronics Pronto Series Duplicator provide our users with 100 discs maximum input and output. The unit is set up so that it will not return to the default setting until it runs out of disc. During the duplication process, more discs could be added into the input bin for more duplication than a hundred.

Q: What is the burning speed for the Duplicator?
A: Auto duplicator's burning speed is not any different than the ordinary RW being used on PC. The burning speed depends the RW, CD version can duplicate up to 52X and 16X for DVD.

Q: How long does it take to burn a disc?
A: To duplicate a full CD disc using 52X burner, it would take about 2 to 3 min. to finish a disc. As for DVD, it would have to take up to an average of 7min., using 16X burner.

Q: Is PC connection required for Pronto series?
A: Auto Duplicator that comes with a controller module is totally standalone, no PC connection is needed, however, with our Pronto Series Duplicator, PC connection can be used to update its firmware.

Q: Having software related problems while using MiniCubis?
A: Set the language of Nero Express in English. Run Nero Express, select "More">"Configure">, then choose language preference.
In addition to that, DiDo is not a stand-alone program capable of burning or guiding robots. It can only work in conjunction with Nero Express while connected to
MiniCubis. If you are still having technical problems,
email to us.

Q: Can I remove the input bin while using MiniCubis?
A: Input bin should correctly fit into MiniCubis at whole time while using MiniCubis. Misuse can lead to arm jam and reboot might not be able to fix the problem.

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